Exciting Discoveries!

Six years after first threatening it, I tore the ugly wood panelling off my living room wall. This panelling, aside from being cheap-looking, covered up a good chunk of the molding around the windows as well as the baseboards.

Window 1.png

First, I hit Styrofoam.

Window 2.png

Not foam insulation, regular Styrofoam labelled “flammable material”. It was held on with framing nails. Lovely.

Under the Styrofoam, was glue, wallpaper, and some kind of spray foam adhesive.

Window 3.png

Also, a whole lot of fine black dust. The wallpaper came off easily, along with the glue. So did the spray foam thanks to the shellac on the molding. Under that…

Window 4.png

near perfect plaster. I was ready for cracked, buckled plaster that came off with the paper. I was ready for huge chunks missing. If the rest of the room (and the dining room as well) are this nice then fixing it should be easy.

But then there’s this:

Window 6.png

I’m not looking forward to taking that off.


~ by Cheryl on February 19, 2017.

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