Writing Exercise: Two People

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Two People Come out of a Building, from Now Write! I don’t know these people, but I kind of like them. They might have an interesting story.

The steel door slammed hard behind them, the sound reverberating down the alley and out into the night city. Startled, the woman tripped, catching herself just before she overbalanced.

The man caught her arm at the same time. “Jesus, Becky, are you really that drunk?”

Becky glared at him, her face barely visible in the weak light above the door. “I’m not the lightweight you are.” She lifted her foot to examine the waffled sole of her boot. “I think I slipped in something gross.” Continue reading ‘Writing Exercise: Two People’


Writing Exercise: My Pet

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From Now Write! This is a character from one of my WIPs. He didn’t actually have a pet, not until I wrote this. He might have one going forward.

Let me tell you about my pet, if pet is what you could call him. Pain in the ass maybe. Overlord. Dictator.

See, I didn’t choose him. I didn’t adopt him at a shelter, didn’t buy him from a breeder—no one breeds common garden dragons, no one would want to, even those who know they exist—no, he followed me home. Continue reading ‘Writing Exercise: My Pet’

Writing Exercise: Through the Senses

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This exercise is from the book Now Write!: Fiction Writing Exercises from Today’s Best Writers and Teachers by Sherry Ellis. The exercise specifies first person from the point of view of one of your characters.

I search the room, looking for what woke me, and I realize suddenly that it hasn’t changed much since I was a kid, perhaps since before I was born. Mid-tone brown wood floor, white trim. Great, fine. Sofa, chairs, side tables,and tv stand in amber woods, relics of my grandparents’ mid-century redecoration. Eighties updates including pale blue-green walls and a Laura Ashley paper border. A nineties area rug of tufted grey. The walls were cluttered with photos of family, of Italy, and oil paintings my grandmother made when she was in art school. Continue reading ‘Writing Exercise: Through the Senses’

This is a conversation I keep having.

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Stranger: What do you do?
Me: I’m a writer.
Stranger: What do you write?
Me: Science fiction, mostly.
Stranger: Oh, I don’t like science fiction.

Okay, fine. Except that in the course of the conversation, Stranger will reveal that they love The Walking Dead, or recommend reading Oryx and Crake, or, as happened a few days ago:

Stranger: I love movies. Have you seen Frequency? It’s my favourite.
Me: No, what’s it about?
Stranger: It’s about this guy who gets a radio that allows him to talk to his dead father in the past… wait, that’s science fiction, isn’t it?

Yes. Yes it is.

So the guy who hates science fiction but loves movies where people run around killing aliens? Doesn’t hate SF, he hates what he thinks SF is, which, oddly, no one has yet been able to articulate to me.

What do you hate about SF?
I don’t know, I just hate it.

This is why half the time I don’t admit to being a writer. Because even saying “novels” leads to the inevitable question, “What are they about?”

I’m currently writing erotica. That should be a conversation stopper.

All Summer in Three Days

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I managed to get an entire summer’s worth of tan this long weekend. Of course it’s a super exciting farmer’s tan, complete with t-shirt, sock, and glove lines. The only thing missing is a hat line across my forehead. No, wait, I might have that, too. Hard to tell in this light.

However, the herb and vegetable gardens are planted, the tomatoes are in their pots, and the rotting shed is now a pile of nail-studded lumber (ask me about my nail-pocked orthotics!)

We also saw The Avengers, but that didn’t contribute to my tan. There’s possibly a tortured metaphor about the sunny glow of quality, shared entertainment in there somewhere, but let’s not.

The perfect summer day

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Today is astoundingly gorgeous. It’s the perfect temperature, full sun, the perfect amount of breeze coming in the window, and the air smells like plants, not city.

It’s a day meant for eating tomatoes.

Not bad at all.

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I wrote 3259 words of the Increasingly Complicated Fantasy Novel today for Write Your @ss off Day.

Of course, I signed up for Friday and completely forgot about it, but hey, it got done within the time allotted.

I am not devious enough to be writing this plot. I need a writing partner who’s completely evil.